Mineral collection

Finesse Floor Mineral is the successful combination of a perfectly stable mineral core board and the optical design variety of the newest digital printing technology. Coupled with the properties of the Hot-Coating surface technology, Finesse Floor Mineral is suitable for almost every area.


From the living area to highly frequented commercial areas - Finesse Floor Mineral is the alternative to plastic or wood based flooring and always in perfect harmony with nature. The remarkable technical features are totally convincing.

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Our Mineral collection features our patented RMB carrier that combines all benefits of modular flooring solutions without suffering from the known disadvantages.


Our RMB floors are:

- 100% waterproof

- Equipped with patented RMB Technology™

- Easy to install

- Almost indistinguishable from the original material


Unique Mineral coreboard with perfect dimensional stability. No expansion joints and suitable for small or big surfaces in one piece, without interruption. This is the first clickable tile floor.

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Technical properties

Our Mineral collection is equipped with built-in isolation and a patented wear layer that was especially created.


This makes these floors:

- Exceptionally silent floors

- Perfectly safe thanks to the anti slip characteristics

- Extraordinarily scratch resistant

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Functional properties

The unique combination of the extremely stable RMB carrier with an especially created wear layer results in a highly user-friendly floor that can be used in almost every room of your home.


Enjoy these practical advantages:

-       Very easy to clean

-       Can be cleaned with water, as often as you wish

-       Highly stain resistant

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Our Mineral collection is a very eco-friendly flooring solution:


- 100% durable and recyclable

- free of formaldehyde

- in line with the most severe prescriptions of emission of  toxic substances

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