Traffic collection

This floating floor in vinyl top layer is scratch-resistant, dirt-proof and really easy to care for. Finesse Floor Traffic is available in a big variety of wood patterns and stone designs.


Our flooring is completely environment-friendly, absolutely safe and has no negative effect on nature or people.


Finesse Floor Traffic is the perfect choice for a resilient, hard-wearing, natural-looking flooring material and is ideal for use in hotel rooms, offices, gastronomic premises, maintenance areas, shops or boutiques. In other words, the solution for all commercial areas.

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Our Traffic collection features our patented RCB carrier that combines all benefits of modular flooring solutions without suffering from the known disadvantages.


Our RCB floors are:

- 100% waterproof

- Equipped with patented RCB Technology™

- Easy to install

- Almost indistinguishable from the original material


Wide embossed planks create a very natural structure and look with a warm and soft walking comfort

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Technical properties

Our Traffic collection is equipped with built-in isolation and a patented wear layer that was especially created.


This makes these floors:

- Exceptionally silent floors

- Perfectly safe thanks to the anti slip characteristics

- Extraordinarily scratch resistant

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Functional properties

The unique combination of the extremely stable RCB carrier with an especially created wear layer results in a highly user-friendly floor that can be used in almost every room of your home.


Enjoy these practical advantages:

-       Very easy to clean

-       Can be cleaned with water, as often as you wish

-       Highly stain resistant

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