New: RCB Technologyâ„¢

Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ is a unique and new concept of modular flooring. It combines the advantages of high quality laminate flooring and LVT, without suffering the known disadvantages.
It even does a lot more ...

Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ was created by bringing together the expertise of two flooring manufacturers with a long history and expertise. The result is a floor with unique technical features and with an unprecedented design.

Some facts at a glance:

  • Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ is a fully waterproof floor. It’s a floating system without major preparation of the substrate.
  • The system is provided with a ‘Top Click’ locking system to an unseen strength. The installation of the material is simple and fast.
  • The RCB carrier (Rigid Composite Board) ensures an extremely stable product that is 100% waterproof and offers very good underfoot comfort. The product is also equipped with a built in sound insulation (noise reduction 19 dB). The material is free of formaldehyde. Telegraphing through of underlying tiles belongs to the past. The product is odorless.
  • Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ is made in 14 decors, digitally printed with an extremely high resolution (720 dpi) They are almost indistinguishable from the original material. The 3D effect and a repetition of only 1 in 60 boards (15 m²) makes this a unique flooring system.
  • Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ features a new and patented wear layer that has an unseen abrasion resistance (Class 34 - AC 6+) and still offers excellent walking comfort, with soft-touch effect and anti-bacterial coating.


Silence finesse with RCB Technology ™ was tested according to the latest and most demanding standard for modular flooring EN 16511 and has the CE label. A full test report of our products proves the quality of this technology. We are therefore convinced that Finesse Silence with RCB Technology ™ is not only a good product, but the start of a new generation of flooring systems.
Finally, we also want to say that our floors are not only of the highest quality, but they are also simply very beautiful.